How to Properly Season Your Cast Iron Dutch Oven-Frying Pan or Skillet

So you have realized the benefits of cooking outdoors with cast iron pans, pots, skillets and Dutch ovens. Now that you have purchased your new cast iron utensil, you need to properly clean and “season” it.

Seasoning is basically saturating the cast iron metal with oil or grease. Seasoning helps burn off any of the impurities that may be in the metal. To start the seasoning process of your cast iron utensils, first you need to give a very through cleaning with very hot water and soap. Next coat the inside surfaces with a heavy coating of grease, oil, Crisco, etc. If you have a Dutch oven or a pot with a lid, make sure that is completely coated also.

Then place your coated cast iron utensil into an oven at about 300 degrees. Get the utensil hot and let the oils soak into the iron. Carefully smear the heated oil into all areas of metal so you do not miss any little crevasses or areas. The utensil can get a little smoky so you may want to keep the stove vent running. Let it season for a few hours.

After seasoning, you should not have to do it again unless the utensil is washed with soap, especially a de-greasing detergent. All that is needed to clean cast iron is hot water, maybe a little scouring to remove any stuck on food. Washing with soap will require seasoning again.

One thing to remember especially when you are done seasoning or cooking with your cast iron utensil is never, never immerse it in cold water or snow. Cooling cast iron too fast will cause warpage and buckling and make the utensil useless.

Now that your cast iron utensil is ready for cooking, enjoy the wonderful meals that can be created right at your campsite!!!

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